Barrel Nut Kit

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Barrel nuts are used with hollow metal door frames. It's a method of getting a nut on the inside of a hollow metal frame. Think of how many times you wish you could just get a nut somehow on the inside of a door frame without tearing up the frame. We've got the answer and they are called “Barrel Nuts” by Exit Security.

The barrel nut receives a ¼”x 20 x 1” hex head bolt. Each kit has a placement tool which screws into the end of the barrel nut allowing you to place the nut inside the door jamb. After the bolt from the front intersects the nut inside the frame you tighten the bolt until everything is secure. Then you can unscrew the placement tool. We supply you with plastic hole caps to insert into jamb to cover the open hole. The finished job is secure and looks great! Click HERE to download installation instructions.

Model Number: SB-BR-NUTS

Package includes: 12 barrel nuts, 12 - ¼” x 20 x 1” hex bolts, 12 hole caps and 1 placement tool.