Storing Brackets

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Model Number: SB-P1-SB01

This storing bracket is furnished with every security bar. The storing bracket has two important functions. The first being simply to store the bar when it is not hooked on the door in the locked position. Secondly is for a fire hazard protection in that when the bar is cradled in the storing bracket you have the option of securing the bar with a padlock. This keeps your customers and employees from accidentally placing it back on the door in a locked position. Remember, CAUTION..This door to remain unlocked during occupancy”. Always think fire safety! Click HERE to download installation instructions.

Building and fire codes: Customers should always comply with your local building codes. We feel our bar is emergency sensitive and it requires no special knowledge or effort to remove. Note that you are able to lock bar in storing bracket with padlock (not included). That is, you can lock it in the unlocked position.