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Your first line of defense against forced entry.

Did you know?

FBI Crime Data shows the following information for 2008:

  • 2,222,196  burglaries reported
  • $4.6 Billion  lost in property stolen
  • 61.2%  involved forced entry

Don’t become a statistic!  Protect yourself and your valuables with Exit Security’s security bars.  A few minutes could save you Millions in lost property.  Your security is our priority.

Our bars are not just for commercial purposes. We offer inswing security bars that are perfectly suited for residential use. Protect not only your business, but also you family.

The original top quality steel security bar. Your first line of defense against forced entry. Marketed and manufactured here in Fort Worth, Texas for over 25 years. Our bars are easy to buy, easy to install, easy to use, and solid against unwelcomed intruders.

You will find not only our products, but also Detailed Drawings, How to Measure Your Door, Installation Manuals, and How to Order.

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